Exercise 9: Matte Painting & 3D Projection

Matte Painting

Matte Painting.png

To create this Matte Painting, I got given a multitude of different images, from an Aztec pyramid to the rocky mountains.

I went into Photoshop and used the blue channel to edit out the background by altering the levels of the channel and did that for every image that I was going to use.

After using the channels and levels to make transparent I added all of the images to one new 1920×1080 composition scene. And then changed the order of the images as well as scaling them to size relevant to each image present.

To make the mountain not blue, I used a curves adjustment layer to edit the colour of the blue mountain to make it seem a brown to make it fit into the scene.

To join up the tree, Aztec, and grass layer’s grass, I used the clone stamp tool to blur each of the layers together so it does not look like 3 separate images put lazily together.

3D Projection

To use the Matte Painting for 3D projection, I imported a PNG image of the matte painting into After Effects. I made all of the layer 3D by clicking a 3D box icon next to each of the layers within the timeline panel.

After creating a camera, I then went into the top-down view and dragged each layer to their relevant space within the scene, so the background clouds will be far at the back and the branches will be close to the camera.

I then used 2 keyframes within the camera’s options to zoom into the 3D projected matte painting. After sorting out the keyframes, and camera position start and end position, I finally rendered the quick footage as an MP4.



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For this model, I created several barrels made from hollow cylinders, a handle from a cylinder, and the rest from cube primitives.

I then used the automatic UV setting to unfold each of the model’s UV’s. I then took snapshots of each model and then went into Photoshop and edited internet images to fit the model’s UV.

After I brought that into Maya, I then used the same image for the bump map.

For the lighting, I used 3 directional lights to light up the minigun within the scene.

The rendering was done through a camera entity. I spawned it in and then moved it to the angle I wanted to capture.

Gamer Types


There are many different types of gamers out there. To list a few we have: hardcore, competitive, troll, roleplay, achievers gamers.

Hardcore Gamers

These gamers basically live to play games their entire life. These are the games who rage and shout over discord telling you that you are really bad at the game and that you should stop playing the game.

Competitive Gamers

These people are extremely good at playing games, they play the games enough to understand every nook and cranny in each map, gun, and character to get the best ratings. These people like to aim for playing within the competitive gaming panels like Esports.

Troll Gamers

These are people who grab all of the loot and run away before you can do anything about it. The wall your team in a corner to stop them from playing the game.

RolePlay Gamers

Roleplay gamers are people who like to play the games as if they were in the actual setting of the game world. Like if they are playing a medieval knight game, they would most likely act/sound like they are from that time era, speaking in ye olde language.

Achiever Gamers

Finally, we come to the achievers. These people are obsessed with seeing a trophy cabinet full, completing every achievement within the game, collecting every armour piece, every weapon, completing every quest 100%, etc.

Current Sofware Technology


Unity Game Engine

An engine is a program which allows the game to run correctly. Other major game engines are Unreal, CRYENGINE, OpenGL, and Havok Frostbite. These game engines can be coded using multiple programming languages such as Python, C#, JavaScript, and Swift.

Unity allows the development of both 3D and 2D games. Fortunately, the Unity game development engine was made completely free for aspiring game developers.

Unity allows you to import media such as images and videos into the scene. You are capable of making multiple scenes throughout your one project so you can make many levels my can store them easily in Unity to make editing them a lot easier.

In addition, you are allowed to create models or animations within other modelling software, such as Maya, and import them to the scene, so you can either use simple models in Unity or create complex models in other modelling software and come back with a cool complex entity which you can then place in your game.

Current Game Consoles


X-Box One

Above is an image of an XBox One. Xbox is a Microsoft invention to compete in the gaming console market.

The XBox One was a successor to the XBox 360 console. which was released in November 2013.

This console is part of the Eighth generation of gaming consoles.

The XBox One was a capability of playing DVD or Blu-Ray discs. The visual output is an HDMI port.

As of November 2014, there were 10 Million Xbox One’s sold to the public.




Otherwise known as a PlayStation 4, it was released on 29th November 2014. This console is the greatest rival to Xbox One console.

As of 31st March 2017, there were 60 Million consoles sold commercially. The output again is an HDMI. The controller for the PS4 is its own DualShock 4 Controller. Its Predecessor is the PS3 (PlayStation 3).



Personally, I prefer the PS4 to the Xbox. I think this because firstly, the PS4 is a slimmer model than the Xbox’s chunky look. Another part I prefer of the PS4 is the interface, I really do not like the tiles look of the Xbox as it can make space look full. On the other hand, PlayStation has 3 different layers, the details of the game/application, the game panel (where you can choose your games), and the Options at the top. The options include profile, settings, PSN, Network, etc.




There are many different arcade machines, however, the 2 important ones are the


Upright Cabinets and the Cocktail/Table Cabinets.

Upright Cabinets are the stereotypical arcade machines you usually see.



And the Cocktail/table cabinets are arcade machines made to look like a table.




The first ever arcade machine was an upright cabinet called Syzygy. It was released in 1971. Syzygy was a precursor to the Atari Inc. And the game which Syzygy played was called Computer Space. Computer Space is a similar game to Spacewar.

After this, Atari Inc. developed and released a very famous and exceptionally successful game known as Pong.


The left image is a Graphics card/GPU, whereas the right image is a CPU i7.

PC: Personal Computer

There are two types of PC’s; a home computer and a gaming computer. The difference is that the home PC is usually only used for working/randomly browsing. Whereas, the gaming PCs are computer specifically dedicated to gaming.

The reason why there are home and gaming PC is due to the fact that home computer is not good enough to run games like GTA V/Watch Dogs/Assassin’s Creed/etc. So this is why there are game PCs, for the gamers out there who want a good average FPS while playing games.

Technology has advanced in computer game graphics, so in order to play a resource demanding game, you will need a good PC. This will include you having to own a good CPU and GPU.

CPU: Central Processing Unit. These are the brains of the computer, they tell each part of the computer to do.

Graphics Processing Unit. These run the graphics.

The better your CPU and GPU are, the higher FPS you will get.

FPS: Frames Per Second

Mobile Phones


This is a brief summary of the 9 phones you have most likely been through if from the 90’s. Link…

110px-DynaTAC8000XThis is The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. It was the first mobile/handheld cellular mobile phone to be commercially sold to the public in 1984.


This is the NOKIA 6110 which was released in 1997.

The features of this phone were:

  • 3 available games; Snake, Logic, and Memory
  • Clock, calendar, and calculator
  • Settings for Profile
  • Convert’s currency
  • 4 different colours
  • Doubles up as a Pager


Motorola StarTAC was also released in 1997.

The design of this mobile phone was inspired b the communicators within Star Trek.


In 1998 the NOKIA 5110 was released. It was a slim model for the time which could also play Snake, which was the greatest mobile game at the time.


This is the BlackBerry 850 from the year 1999. It was the first mobile phone which BlackBerry had created. This phone became an instant success/profit. However, later on, BlackBerry stopped making anything new/good to compare with Apple/Sony/HTC/etc.


The NOKIA 3310, more commonly known nowadays as the indestructible phone, came out in the year 2000.


In 2002 Samsung released the Samsung SGH-T100. This was the first phone ever created which utilised a thin-film transistor active matrix LCD display.


BlackBerry 5810 came out in 2003. This mobile phone did not contain speakers, therefore to hear the sound, you had to plug in earphone/headphones/etc. This was a phone which allowed you to view your emails. Also, the phone had a QWERTY keyboard.


In 2004 the Motorola Razr V3 was released. This was the best-selling clamshell(/flip phone) mobile phone in phone history.


This BlackBerry 7270 – 2005 was the first BlackBerry to feature Wi-Fi. this Wi-Fi connection made the phone act like crack for users.


The iPhone 3G released by Apple in the year 2008. This was the start of the smart touch-screen phones. After this development, the smartphones kept improving every phone. Until now where the iPhone 7 has fingerprint recognition for easy password skip.

Star Wars Battlefront (EA)


Star Wars Battlefront EA is the 3rd in its game series. the first and second games were/are treasures for Star Wars gamers.

This game did not quite live up to the hype. Personally, I believe this to be true because there are multiple DLC packs which you have to purchase in order to play any of the heroes/maps from that pack. And the Season Pass for the game costs the same as another triple A game.

On the other hand, this is one of the best looking games out there at the minute. It looks realistic and let us not forget about the superb sounds within the game, such as grenades, lightsaber noises, and blaster sounds. Although, the voice acting was not very good.

Within this triple A game, there was no single player campaign, but just a solo/co-op deathmatch(3Vs3).

6/10 – Must get game……in a sale, the graphics are incredible along with the sounds, and gameplay. However, it should not have the cost of its Season Pass set at a triple A game. At the minute, the only thing which is hopefully going to redeem EA Battlefront’s is the fact that the 2nd Battlefront is coming out the end of 2017 sometime.